New Year’s Resolutions for Smart Expense Management with Travel Buddy


Managing expenses is one of the top financial resolutions people make each year. However, most people struggle to stick to a budget and end up overspending. According to a survey, 49% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions within the first 6 months.

When it comes to expenses, even small amounts can add up quickly. An extra 3 BHD per day on coffee can cost over 1095 BHD per year. Without keeping track, these expenses often go unnoticed.

This year, make an expense management resolution you can actually achieve. With the right tools and discipline, you can reduce wasted spending and gain control of your finances. Read on to learn expense management tips using BFC Pay Travel Buddy in Bahrain.

Why Does Expense Management Matter?

Managing your expenses effectively is crucial for achieving your financial goals. With prices rising globally, it’s more important than ever to spend smartly and track where your money is going.

Taking a proactive approach to expense management will help you:

Set clear financial goals – Whether it’s saving up for a major purchase, building an emergency fund, or paying down debt, you need to know exactly what you’re working towards. When you have a target in mind, it keeps you focused and motivated.

Save more money – When you track your expenses consistently, you become more aware of unnecessary spending. Identifying areas to cut back allows you to bank the savings. Small amounts add up over time.

Reduce debt – Debt makes it harder to get ahead financially. By minimizing expenses, you can accelerate debt payoff. The less money going towards interest payments means more money freed up for other priorities.

Gain control over your finances – Effective expense management gives you a clear picture of your digital payments in Bahrain. With this understanding, you can make intentional decisions to align spending with your goals. It reduces stress and puts you in the driver’s seat.

Getting a handle on expenses now sets you up for a more secure financial future. With workload and prices increasing, having a plan becomes critical. A few changes today can compound into big results over months and years.

Common Expense Management Mistakes

Many of us make small mistakes daily that can add up over time when it comes to managing our expenses. Being aware of some of the most common money management errors can help you avoid them. Here are some of the top expense management mistakes to watch out for:

Not Tracking Expenses

One of the biggest reasons people overspend is simply not tracking where their money is going. Without seeing your spending habits in detail, it’s easy to overlook small daily purchases that eventually add up. Get in the habit of tracking every expense. Seeing where every penny is spent will illuminate areas you can cut back.

If you are using a multi currency card like BFC Pay Travel Buddy in Bahrain for your daily expenses, it can help you keep track of your spending as each transaction is recorded, allowing you to maintain a detailed record of your expenditures.

Splurging on Wants Over Needs

It’s easy to give in to temptation on discretionary purchases without thinking about the long-term impact. Splurging on things like the latest tech gadget, a fancy pair of shoes, or dinner at an expensive restaurant may provide short-term happiness. But over time non-essential spending on wants can deny you the ability to afford true needs and reach your financial goals. Always try to prioritize needs like housing, utilities, transportation, food, and savings first.

Even if you wish to spend money on dining out or other leisure activities, consider using Travel Buddy in Bahrain to settle your bills. They offer exclusive discounts and promotions for users, allowing you to enjoy your activities while also saving money. This way, you can indulge in your interests while maintaining financial prudence.

Not Budgeting

Failing to budget and assign jobs to your dollars is a prime reason many people struggle financially. Without an expense plan, you risk running out of money before the next paycheck or neglecting key expenses. Make a simple monthly budget to align income with planned spending. Budgets provide visibility and control over finances so you can make conscious trade-offs between wants and needs. Adjust categories as required but stick close to the plan.

Benefits of Travel Buddy

Travel Buddy is a multi-currency travel card in Bahrain that offers several benefits for smart expense management while traveling internationally in 2024:

Low transaction fees – Most credit cards charge a foreign transaction fee around 3% when you use the card abroad. With Travel Buddy there are low foreign transaction fees, so you avoid losing money when converting currencies. This saves significant money, especially on big purchases.

Lock in exchange rates – You can lock in money foreign exchange rates when you load Travel Buddy with a certain currency, protecting you from fluctuating rates later on. If you know you’ll be traveling somewhere that uses a volatile currency, this ensures you get the rate you want.

Multi-currency – You can hold more than 17 major currencies on one Travel Buddy card – like USD, EUR, GBP, AED etc. When traveling between countries that use different currencies, you can pay directly in local currency without dealing with forex currency exchanges. The card does the currency conversion for you.

By using its multi-currency functionality wisely and minimal foreign transaction fees, Travel Buddy Bahrain can optimize your spending power abroad. The flexible exchange rates allow you to maximize value from your travel budget. With smart use, Travel Buddy takes the frustration and unpredictability out of international travel expenses.


As 2023 comes to an end, it’s time to set some New Year’s resolutions that will help you better manage expenses in 2024. Having a multi-currency card like Travel Buddy can provide immense benefits when it comes to tracking expenses, maximizing savings, and staying on top of payments.

Throughout the year, be sure to regularly review your spending patterns and savings goals. The tracking notifications from Travel Buddy will enable you to course-correct and adjust your habits as needed. Unnecessary impulse purchases, forgotten subscriptions, and hidden fees are all areas where you may be able to cut back on.

Start putting these tips into action today to have a more prosperous new year. Wishing you all the best for your resolution success!

January 23, 2024

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