The Top Variety Of Horse Trucks

Different types of horse trailers in the market serve different purposes and cater to the requirements of different horses. Before selecting a horse truck, it is thus essential to have an idea of the different options and their features so that you can choose the best one accordingly. The prices vary considerably, and you may find some quite expensive. You can wait for horse trucks for sale offers in such cases to get the right deal. Scroll down to learn the best horse trucks available.

  • Bumper Pull

One of the most common types of horse trucks is Bumper pull. They can mount a maximum moderate price range. Their average height ranges from 7’2″ to 7’6″. A bumper-pull horse truck can load up to 4000 pounds. They are best for transporting two horses and travelling short distances. They are quite lightweight and much simpler to maintain. This automatically eases transportation efforts.

  • Reverse

This is different from the traditional horse truck. The horses are loaded and unloaded by a reversed slant ramp, and the horses inside the truck are made to face the rear. The swing-out tack room at the rear provides a broader entry that also ensures the horses’ privacy. This particular feature is absent in most head-to-head horse trucks. An important advantage is they can be easily accessed in case of an accident or fire. These horse trucks can transport up to three large horses.

  • Gooseneck

Another common choice is the Gooseneck horse truck for their stability on the road. They are spacious, have partitioned horse stalls and are best for two horses. However, there are various variations of this product; thus, some can also hold up to 8 horses. They can carry heavy loads and are a good option for long journeys. They are quite spacious and easily available. The average height range of the truck is 7’6″ to 7’8″, and it can hold a weight of 6500 pounds at the most.

  • Central Load

It is known by various other names, such as ‘double-load’, ‘box stall’, etc. Horses can be kept at both the front section and the rear section. As the name suggests, the load is strategically planned to spread at the truck’s centre. It is provided with two to three-horse ramp options. They are wider and spacious to give maximum comfort to the horses. The stall positioning is thoughtfully done so the horses face each other. This helps calm the horses during the journey. They can bear the load of four horses.

  • 5th Wheel

This is an upgraded version of the Gooseneck truck because, as the name reveals, a fifth wheel is hinged to ensure a smoother and safer ride. This feature helps increase the load taken compared to the traditional gooseneck. Moreover, it provides enhanced mobility and is one of the best options for long-distance travel. The interior height ranges from 7’8″ to 8’4″ and can hold up to 15000 pounds.

  • Slant Load

Its growing popularity is due to the thoughtful loading and unloading feature it provides users. As the name suggests, the truck situates the horses in a diagonal position for easy mounting and landing. These trucks can comfortably carry up to four horses at a very affordable price. Moreover, you can customize the trucks to cater to your horses’ comfort.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you are visiting a horse-trucks-for-sale exhibition, and it is highly advisable to keep your choices within the six variations mentioned above. They have multiple functions and ensure a safe journey of the horses.


April 2, 2024

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